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Make Money from Kindle Publishing

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Discover How To Earn A Real Income From Your Nonfiction Book(s)

What if you could become a best-selling nonfiction author, help thousands of readers, and earn a recurring income?

There are many books that teach you how to self-publish on Amazon. Yet few talk about how to make money as an author. There’s a good reason for this. Most authors don’t earn a living from their books.

However, it’s not impossible. Sally Miller has published eight bestselling titles and sold over 26,000 books. She has also helped hundreds of students publish their own nonfiction books and grow their income.

In Make Money from Kindle Self-Publishing, Sally Miller not only shows you how to earn $120 a month (triple the average earnings of a U.S. nonfiction book), she also shows you how to earn $1,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 a month.

Writing books is difficult. Publishing your books is even harder.

It can be scary putting your book out into the world. What if nobody buys? Or worse, people read your book and don’t enjoy it? What if all of your hard work is for nothing?

The author wants to help you overcome your fears. So that you can sell more books, serve more people, and make more money. In this book you will learn how to:

* Quickly and easily self-publish your book on Amazon;
* Promote your book and reach thousands of readers;
* Build a loyal following of email subscribers;
* Maximize earnings from your first book and all of your future offerings.

When you read this book you’re going to save time. You can stop trying to figure things out on your own. You’re also going to save money. You will discover exactly how to get your book edited and formatted without breaking the bank.

You even get the author's day-by-day launch plan that's proven to work. It is the exact plan Sally Miller used to launch her first book Make Money On Airbnb. This book reached over 1,500 readers in its first month and still sells multiple copies every day.

These strategies haven’t just worked for the author. Sally Miller interviewed other self-published authors. She asked them exactly which promotion and monetization strategies worked for them. Their responses are included in these pages.

Are you ready to publish a best seller AND earn a higher income as a nonfiction author?

Perhaps you want to stay home with the kids and make money from home. You want to be more than “just a mom.”

Or maybe you dream of escaping your nine-to-five. You want financial freedom and a more meaningful life.

Whatever your reasons, Make Money from Kindle Self-Publishing shows you how to publish your book and start earning an income as an author.

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