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100 Steps to Financial Indepencence

Financial Independence Inge Natalie Hol


... earning more money.

… having no more debt.

… having a well funded retirement provision.

… creating passive income streams.

… feeling the financial security to provide for all your family’s needs.

Achieve all of the above and build the life of your dreams with this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to personal financial freedom.

Divided into 10 parts and 101 short chapters,100 Steps to Financial Independence is loaded with checklists, action steps, and surprisingly simple strategies to finally gain control of your financial life. Learn all you need to know about:

Expenses – Reduce your costs and align your expenses with your goals
Debt – Develop a strategy to pay off your loans and become debt-free
Savings – Boost your savings with painless techniques and build a financial safety net
Income – Increase your earnings in some or all of the seven income streams
Retirement – Plan for a comfortable and secure retirement
Investing – Learn to manage your own portfolio and start building your nest egg
Financial protection– Take care of yourself and your family with the insurance you need
As well as net worth, taxes, credit scores, lifestyle inflation, and much more

For a lighter version of the book, use the suggested shortcuts to create your own fast track to Financial Independence in less than 100 steps!

The 100 Steps to Financial Independence is THE answer to finally understand everything you need to know about personal finance. Specifically, the book contains:

Detailed broken-down action plans
Checklists for each of the 10 sections
Personal real-life stories
Tips on how to make the journey to Financial Independence fun
A detailed discussion points list to discuss finances with your partner
Practical ideas and examples on how to overcome the most common obstacles.

What would you do with the extra money and financial peace?

Cut down your work hours? 

Spend more time with your family? 


Give back to the world?


Start your journey to become financially independent and live a more fulfilling life today. Get your copy now!

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