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God and My Pillow: Learning to Trust Through the Unexpected

Women's Inspirational Spirituality Marianne Petersen

Does your own pillow soak up all your thoughts, thus knowing all of your hidden secrets, joys, dilemmas and woes? Marianne’s pillow soaked up all her thoughts growing up, and at eighteen, God became her confidant as well.

One year later, God and her pillow were there when Marianne found herself on a life-changing journey through an unplanned pregnancy. As she and the baby’s father were at the brink of a major life decision, Marianne received an unexpected phone call alerting her to a shocking secret that changed everything.

With different emotions through out, humor being included, you'll find it hard to put this book down.

Award winning author Marianne Petersen exposes her heart in God and My Pillow, sharing how her personal soap-opera turned into a love story, while letting you see how tears, worry, and weakness can be intertwined with joy, boldness, and faith.

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