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The Fortuitous Patient

Psychlogical Fiction Princy Shrivastav

Meeting someone accidentally is quite normal, but for a doctor to meet her patient accidentally is a bit unusual.
The story is a work of fiction that brings you a girl in her mid-twenties named as Dr. Jennifer Louis, who is a psychologist. She is kind and generous by nature. She loves spending time with her patients. She has pain deep-seated in her heart, but prefers to carry the grief alone. So, she is very reserved and does not open up much to anyone.
Her destiny takes her to a stranger, or I may say that he lands into her life, and changes everything. He turned out to be her accidental patient. The story has love, hatred, separation, sacrifices, mystery and a lot more. Apart from being a love story, the book also talks about mental peace and how it affects one's life.
Read the story to find out what the fortuitous patient is up to.

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